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Well, let's see... besides being a superb web mistress and proud mother... I'm 47 and divorced as of September 2009... I'm doin' a happy dance as I type! And before you ask, yes I can dance and type!!!

I used to handle catastrophic auto injury claims with a dab of litigation, but was laid off July 2008. I'm searching for a catastrophic claims or paralegal position, but until then I'm going to school for my AS Degree and certification through the paralegal program at my local college. I'd like to get my bachelor's degree then possibly law school, but I haven't decided yet. I also enjoy shooting pool, art, music, theatre, parasailing, bicycling, cruises, dancing, mysteries in books or movies, cooking and baking.

I was born and raised in San Jose with the exception of a year in Ireland as child. My mom's plan was to buy a pub (bar/restaurant) and remain there. We initially lived in the Hotel Vic and were in the room next to Richard Harris. Later we moved to a flat (apartment) and then a house in the country with a huge potato farm. We had horses, a pony, my dog Rocky and the river Shannon was a short walk down the road. I was just starting to learn Gaelic when we returned to the States. It was an awesome experience and I look forward to visiting again some day soon.

My son moved to Los Angeles about 6 months to pursue his drumming career. He brings me a great deal of joy and I love him more than anyone else in the world! He's also an extremely talented drummer... and no bias, honest truth! He's damn good!

My shining star Jason.

My beautiful mother!

I've never known a smarter, stronger, more loving, compassionate, kinder person in my life! She's multi-talented and in part, loves to cook, read, garden and party. Any social event is a lot more fun when she's around! Check out her sites Krystal Star and Family of Witches, they are superb!

Cocoa in a bag. I don't get the attraction but I had to capture the moment.

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Well... that's about it. I hope you're enjoying your stay in the garden 'cause I had a great time putting it together!

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